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17 July
Origins: The origins of Melarocco remain a mystery to everyone, himself included. Rumour has it he was created from a fiery pit of blancmange during the latter stages of the creation of the universe. But you can't believe everything you read. His appearance is likely to alter without prior notification, much to his own consternation.

Strengths: Calm and analytical, Melarocco believes he can solve any problem with logical thought. If all else fails, he is more than willing to turn to the whips and chains. An often insatiable writer of mutant teen porn, he also likes puppies. No, not like THAT! Perv.

Weaknesses: Easily neutralised by exposure to cute guys, Melarocco is also hampered by his addiction to chocolate.

Special Skills: Juggling, rapidly fading mathematical knowledge and the ability to fix computers with mere hours of back-breaking struggle.

I also write the odd piece of slash fiction, mainly for toddkurtslash or remusxsirius.

Images for some of my icons come from Joe Phillips.

Monkey designed by capn__cunt